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Barber hub is the hair salon where hairstyles befit according to the shape of the head. Barber Hub is the place where hairstyles are invented. The saloon boasts of creativity in rendering haircuts to ever conscious fashionable clientele. The salon hairdressers like to change the way people dress up their hair by incorporating the latest hairstyles of the Bollywood celebrities. The hairstylists at the Barber hub saloon with exceptional technique, warm personality and infectious sense of humour, give most popular and very sought after haircuts. Barber hub spread over 6000 sq ft is a state-of-the-art facility grooming the residents of the royal city of Patiala.

Barber hub while bringing the revolutionary concept of looking good provides services in hair, skin and wellness. With the Barber hub, you can never go wrong because Barber hub is the salon where you will be comfortable while meeting your grooming needs. So walk in the exquisite ambience of hairdressing and trust yourselves in expert hands since the remarkably competent staff of Barber Hub is trained by internationally acclaimed hair designers like Schwarzkopf, Matrix, Wella, Sebastian SP, Dermalogica(USA), Minhoa(Spain) and Baber(Germany).



Bharat Tejha

Designation: Founder of Barber’s Hub Pvt Ltd (CEO)
Experience: Over 20 years of experience as a Director Marketing with several brands.

On behalf of all Barber hub employees, I would like to welcome you to the Barber Hub website. Through years of strong and lasting market image by providing unique haircuts, Barber hub has built a reputation as a premier hairstyling saloon that prides itself on designing and delivering innovative and fabulous hairstyling options to our customers.

As a unique hairstyling salon, Barber Hub has proven experience and expertise encompassing the entire hair designing spectrum. We continually seek to maximize efficiencies and synergies in the haircuts we provide in beautifying our clients’ personalities.

Our vision

At Barber Hub, it is our vision to bring the cutting edge technology in hair styling boasted by some unique and creative hair designing to all and sundry of Patiala area and beyond. Customers are our number one priority since we aim for providing services to the customers as according to their needs and satisfaction.

So we intend to emerge as a true and friendly neighbourhood shop that caters to a vast spectrum of clientele. Moreover, we have the vision to provide hairstyling in a very comfortable and cosy looking environment. It is the customized experience we believe in and resolve to provide besides staying formal and traditional at the same time. Barber Hub is destined to cater to the most modern needs of hair grooming with cutting-edge technology and is inclined to establish in becoming the most recalled destination in India.

Barber Hub Salon Team