Barber Hub Academy

Body Therapies

Thai foot Massage

It is a massage of the application of pressure onto particular area of feet and also hands, finger, thumbs, knuckle and acupressure to stimulator relax point.

400 (20min)

Jet lag Massage

Relieve the worries of the day and enjoy the jet lag massage. In this we are using selected oils that enhance the blood circulation. Eases muscular pain and relaxes the muscles of the shoulder with a relaxing massage.

600 (30min)

Aroma therapy massage

Aroma therapy is the use of essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well being and relaxation in the recipient .the essential oils are extracted from the part of herbs and plants and contain all the properties of plants themselves.

1200 (50min)

Balinese Massage

Using a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflex olagy and aroma therapy of stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen energy around your body and brings deep relaxation and well ness.

Benefits: Skin looks visible supple, healthy and smooth, Gently removes skin impurities, Complexion brightening formula works to even overall skin tone, Releases oxygen molecules and purifiers to instantly detoxify and invigorate tired skin

Skin type: Tanned skin, dead skin and all types skin / Product — De-tan Kit Weather — summer

1300 (50min)

Thai Massage

t use passive stretching and gentle press are long the body energy line to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and join tension and balance the body energy system. Thai massage is oil free massage.

1500 (60min)

Swedish massage

Generally regarded as the most common from of massage Swedish massage involves a combination of the strocks and muscle and connective tissues of the body for improved osculation relaxation pain relief and over all health maintain and well being. This is a great choice for ist timer.

1600 (55min)

Body scrubbing


Body wrap


Body polishing


Crystal body polishing