Barber Hub Academy

Skin Treatment

Anti Acne Treatment

This treatment helps in reducing superficial hyper tone and improves skin clarity.

Benefits:Reduces the oil production, Clear the Acne and pimples, Clogged the pores

Skin typ:acne and oily skin / Products — Anti Acne Kit / Weather — all seasons

2000++ (65min)

Dark Circle Treatment

Dark circle under eye area is a common beauty problem. These under eye dark circle give us an appearance of tiredness or illness. This treatment protect and nourishes your eyes contour area against free radicals , reducing puffiness, dark circles and signs of ageing.

Benefits:Reduces dark circles, Start looking young, healthy and attractive, Brightness the under eye area

Skin typ:all skin type / Product — Dark Circle Kit / Weather — all seasons

2500++ (65min)

Anti Aging Treatment

Anti ageing use equipment aim to get those product into your skin. They claim that they can do this because the molecular structure of the cream is designed to pass into your skin. This treatment improves the overall complexion by minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, leaves skin optimally hydrate and radiant

Benefits:Exfoliate the skin at a deeper level,Moisturizes dehydrated skin, Slows downs the aging process

Skin typ:all skin after 30 year also / Product — Skin Tightening Kit / Weather — all seasons

2000++ (65min)

Detoxifying & Detaining Treatment

It deeply purifies and naturally exfoliates to remove dead skin and keeps healthier, younger looking complexion. This treatment will flush out impurities- increase circulation and decongest clogged pores.

Benefits:Skin looks visible supple, healthy and smooth, Gently removes skin impurities, Complexion brightening formula works to even overall skin tone, Releases oxygen molecules and purifiers to instantly detoxify and invigorate tired skin

Skin typ:Tanned skin, dead skin and all types skin / Product — De-tan Kit Weather — summer

2800++ (65min)

Anti Pigmentation Treatments

This treatment helps in reducing superficial hyper pigmentation. It helps fade freckles, lightens and evens the skin tone and improves skin clarity.

Benefits:Reduce blemishes and uneven skin tones, Brightens the complexion, Calms and tones down the look of facial redness, Decrease the age spots and pigmentation

Skin typ:pigmented skin I Product — Pigmentation Skin I Weather — all seasons

2700++ (65min)

Four Layer Facial Treatment

Four element products are used to maintain the pH balance of body. We use rocks, oxygen, wood and water. The four layers exfoliation serum treatment, botanical infusion cream, and the fourth layer is the deep penetrating self heating herbal infused masque.

Skin typ:All skin types, Product — four layer kit, Weather — all seasons

2500++ (65min)

International Facial

International product like 03 , Raga are used, perfect for these desiring to prevent or repair the signs of ageing. This facial begins with an application of arm seaweed to the spin to provide instant relaxation as deep tissue detoxification.

Benefits:Helps build collagen and smooth fine lines, Helps remove sun damage and pigmentations, Helps makeup go on smoother.

Skin typ:all types skin / Product — international product / Weather — all seasons

2500++ (65min)